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Graeme's Rotary Club

Once a month Graeme meets with the other Trustees of his Rotary Club’s Charitable Trust. They meet to decide how to manage the trust’s $340,000 fund, and who should benefit from Rotary grants.

Their investments decisions are vitally important, as the profits determine the amount of money available to make the grants.

They used to choose debentures and term deposits but now recognize that these don’t really fulfil the fund’s long term needs. They also need to diversify their risk, despite having a relatively small fund. Realising they need professional help, they consult with Accordia.

The Adviser helps Graeme and the trustees to develop an investment policy statement, which is then approved by the Rotary Club committee. It describes the investment requirements of the fund and also lays out how the monies will be invested.

With investments in the Accordia funds, the trustees are confident of a level of diversification beyond what they could achieve from a standalone fund. Accordia have robust investment processes, regular reports, access to their funds, and can confidently handle any questions. They get a dedicated Adviser who helps them with all investment matters and this leaves Graeme and his colleagues free to focus on deciding the most worthy beneficiaries of the Rotary Club grants.

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