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Andrew the trainee

Andrew graduated from engineering school last year and has just started his first job. Having dreamed of being an engineer from a young age, working at a hi tech electronics company is the start of what he's sure will be an exciting and fulfilling career.
His monthly salary is more than he's ever earned before, and it would be easy for him to spend wildly indulging his whims. Andrew's a canny lad though, and painfully remembers the financial struggles that his grandparents had when they retired.

He meets with an Accordia Adviser and discusses how best to start planning for his retirement. She designs a plan for him that makes smaller payments while Andrew is paying off his student loan and increases once that debt is repaid.

Andrew's amazed at how small the payments are each month, and is sure he won't even notice them coming out of his salary. He can now concentrate on making the most of his engineering career knowing that his financial future is well taken care of.