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David's dilemma

After a 40 year career with his local authority, David’s decided it’s time to quit the rat race. Having invested every month in a superannuation scheme, he’s expecting to receive a lump sum of around $750,000. David’s never had this kind of money before, and is really concerned about what he should do with it.
He considers buying an annuity from a life insurance company. It’ll pay a fixed sum each year, but a much smaller amount to his wife Helen if he dies. Worse still, if they both die in the next few years their family will get nothing.

Next he considers buying term deposits, but the problem there is that it’s hard to know how much to lock up and for how long. His options seem complicated and inflexible. David enjoys reading the daily business news but doesn’t want to spend his precious retirement worrying about something as important as his income.

He and Helen met with an Accordia Adviser and are the proud owners of an Accordia Portfolio. They love the peace of mind they've achieved and the regular monthly payments that pop into the bank account make them feel like David is still on a salary. David has a kindred spirit in their Adviser and, at reviews, they chew the fat about investment markets. David and Helen are delighted to have found a solution they’re both happy with, and they are looking forward to enjoying a worry-free retirement.

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